Common CEO mistakes: CEOs should compromise their ego

To be always right is something that most of the people in the daily lives actually want. But, the question is why is that so? Because in this way the ego is fed and it gives the people the feeling of winning. In the business world, the employees also desire the same thing – especially when working with others. And one certain group of people in the business world always tend to show and to work with their ego – the CEOs.

The role of the CEO in the company is extremely important – they coordinate others, they solve problems and they focus on the growth and expansion of the business. The role that they have is not a small one – and they are aware of the fact that their personal traits and hard work led them to this position, but having this kind of role, it usually means having a big ego which can be very dangerous in the business routine.

Irrespective of the task that needs to be completed, the CEOs tend to work with their ego – and to always be right. It’s a usual phenomenon that the CEO listens to other’s suggestions, let the others explain them and then still choose its own solution. In this way, it’s only normal that the other employees would be offended by this kind of actions.
Although for the CEOs it’s always hard to keep the ego aside, while working, they should focus on learning this. The CEO’s role is to make decisions – but not every type of decision. It’s often happening, that the CEO decides to involve the ego in the decisions and in the work and that’s when the things don’t go as planned.

The process of making decisions it’s not an easy one – but involving the ego in the business, just because of the role that the CEO has it’s not a correct action and the consequences can also be huge.

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